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Our Story

A Mother Formed An Unlikely Bond To Formulate This All-Natural And Effective Thyroid Supplement

A woman lounges on a patio chair, while her children swim in the pool. She rubs her hands together trying to warm her fingers even though it’s mid-August. Her children ask her to jump in but she sadly declines, she’s worried swimming will make her feel even worse. Emily, a mother of three, has seen her health decline ever since the divorce. She knew the separation would be hard after 15 years of marriage, especially for the kids, but she never thought it would affect her health.

It started out with her barely being able to get out of bed. Emily blamed it on stress at first. Then, her inability to get out of bed followed her throughout the day, she didn’t have the energy to go about her normal life. She considered it being depression but quickly ruled it out because she’s felt happy and free after the divorce. It got to the point where Emily could no longer enjoy activities with her kids.She was always exhausted.

Due to inactivity, she started to gain weight. Emily tried adjusting her diet and eating healthier, but nothing helped. She became frustrated with herself, never in her life had she been so sluggish and overweight. Emily began taking supplements to combat her lack of energy and weight gain, but it barely helped. She knew something had to change.

Emily's story may sound familiar now, but wait until you hear what happened when she went to her doctor.

Hoping to get answers, she scheduled an appointment. The doctor decided to run a few tests, checking for anemia, mono, thyroid disease, or a viral infection. The tests came back normal. Emily should have been relieved but was disappointed when there wasn’t proof something was wrong with her. The doctor said her symptoms were signs of early menopause.

Shocked she was already starting menopause at the age 40, Emily began researching and preparing for more symptoms to come. Her original problems continued to worsen, and the supplements were no longer effective. On top of that, she noticed her hair starting to thin. Then her fingers and toes became constantly cold.Emily felt like she was experiencing symptoms unrelated to menopause.

Emily scheduled another appointment just to be sure. Her doctor checked for the same causes, and still, the tests came back normal.

Frustrated that her doctor wasn't helping her get better, she decided to find a different opinion. Unfortunately, each doctor she met with told her the same thing she didn’t want to hear.Emily began to lose hope and wanted to give up on her search to feel normal again.

One morning, Emily poured her usual cup of coffee and turned on Good Morning America. To her surprise, the topic of conversation was ‘Undiagnosed Thyroid Conditions.’ They were discussing how common thyroid issues were and how they typically go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. The expert guest on the show mentioned that it’s common for tests to indicate average levels, but that doesn’t mean your thyroid is working properly.If your levels are slightly above or below normal, you still notice symptoms.

Emily realized she had lite symptoms long before the divorce, meaning her levels were slightly below normal all along. It wasn’t stress, depression, or menopause. Her doctors did not pay close enough attention to her levels, and they misdiagnosed her.

Emily found the answer to her problems.

She no longer wanted her or anyone else to suffer from lethargy, weight gain, hair loss, inability to focus, and cold hands and feet. She didn’t want anyone to have to live with their symptoms unanswered like she did.

With that goal in mind, she created a Facebook community to spread the word about thyroid conditions going misdiagnosed and undiagnosed. The page quickly took off. Before she knew it, the page took an unexpected turn. Several of the women that were the most active in the community, realized that they needed to still solve the problem. In order to do that, formulating a supplement seemed the most logical.

The women were uninterested in taking prescription drugs and preferred the naturopathic route. By this time, the majority of the group had taken supplements, but none of them really targeted all of their symptoms and usually caused negative side effects.  

With Emily taking the lead, the group of women started researching, developing, and consulting doctors oningredients that could target each of their symptoms individually. Several months later, they finally formulated the answer to their problems, Thyro8.

Emily thought the name Thyro8 (or T8) would be fitting because one out of eight women suffer from thyroid disease and the group made it their mission to make that number a zero.

A blend of ingredients, targeting each symptom…

L-Seleniumethionine: This organic type of selenium found naturally in food. Research has shown that this important antioxidant mineral has multiple benefits, including boosting healthy thyroid function.

Hydroxytyrosol Acetate: Naturally found in olive leaf and is well known for its cognitive benefits. It also has a long list of advantages, including boosting your metabolism, mood, and energy.

Guggulsterone Extract: A product of the guggul tree, Guggulsterone increases thyroid function and boosts metabolism.

Theobromine: Theobromine is derived from Theobroma, with the Greek roots meaning “food of the gods.” You may recognize this ingredient because it can be found in the cocoa plant. Theobromine is one of the reasons chocolate has mood-elevating effects.

Potassium Iodide: Iodine is essential for the normal growth and development of the body, but iodine comes entirely from your diet. If you do not consume enough iodine, it can lead to serious health problems, including an underactive thyroid.

K2 Vitamin: K2, also known as menaquinones, is included in our formulation because it improves brain function and helps with circulation.

This bond between women led to the breakthrough formula, Thyro8 (or T8 for short). T8 provides the perfect blend of all-natural ingredients that rejuvenate your mind and body, guaranteed, without awful side effects! Become one less number in the statistic, don't be a part of theone in eight women, help the T8 team make that number a zero.


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