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Whether you are experiencing energy loss, mental fog, hair loss, heightened stress, weight gain— thyroid dysfunction doesn't have to rule your life. Thyro8, the all-natural thyroid support supplement, was designed to provide women relief from the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. 

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Thyro8 teamed up with clinical specialists and women alike to create an all-natural approach to alleviate the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Instead of formulating a prescription medicine, experts recognized the naturopathic route would help ease symptoms while returning thyroid levels to their normal function.

Thyro8 created a special blend of ingredients that would provide the thyroid support women seek. We use six key ingredients that are clinically proven to greatly influence the production of thyroid hormones.

A Power Blend Like No Other

Guggulsterone Extract: A product of the guggul tree, this extract increases thyroid function and has a significant influence on weight management/weight loss while making the appearance of your skin more rejuvenated. 

Iodine: An essential part of your diet that is mandatory for the production of thyroid hormones. Without the daily recommended dose of iodine, your body will not be able to produce thyroid hormones, resulting in an underactive thyroid.

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